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8 ways to reduce stress during pregnancy

Too much stress during pregnancy? Will my baby be healthy? How painful my labor will be? Believe me, it’s common and there are many ways to relieve stress during pregnancy naturally. I will share with you 8 ways to reduce stress during pregnancy which worked for me.

1. Beet juice

Perfectly regulates blood pressure, which helps to relieve the stress during pregnancy. Not to mention the fact that pregnancy hypertension is simply dangerous.

Fighting hypertension is not the only superpower of this vegetable. Beetroot is rich in folic acid – essential for proper development of the child and promotes better absorption of iron.

However, you should not overdo it with beetroot juice. It is best to mix it half and half with water and drink in small amounts. Otherwise it may be too heavy for our stomach.

2. Self-hypnosis and meditation

Self-hypnosis is a natural state in which we enter even several times a day, for example by thinking. It is supposed to bring beneficial effects, the point is to achieve a state of relaxation.

There are special recordings for self-hypnosis, and more specifically for the so-called indirect hypnosis. You can also find materials addressed only to pregnant women. The nice, quiet and monotonous voice of the teacher transmits positive content and affirmations, and the delicate background music is very relaxing.

Relaxation can be so great, that some even take a nap! (I always do).

What is self-hypnosis? It is a state between dream and waking, close to meditation. The brain then works in the alpha state, characteristic of the first phase of sleep – it slows down, is more focused, and the body is relaxed.

Meditation itself works on similar principles, and its benefits are many. It calms down and reduces stress during pregnancy. So if you have not done so, consider adding meditation to your daily rituals.

3. Physical activity reduce the stress during pregnancy

Exercising for 30 minutes on most, or all, days can benefit your health during pregnancy.

In many sports clubs we find special yoga classes for pregnant women. They have a lot of advantages and if the doctor does not see any contraindications, you should consider adding them to your activity.

Pregnant yoga positively can help you reduce back pain and definitely strengthen the muscles. In addition, it counteracts nausea and helps you to relieve the stress.

4. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of complementary care that uses needles placed in specific areas to provide pain relief and help treat physical, mental, and emotional conditions. The practice originated in ancient China and is widely accepted throughout the world today.

Pregnant women can benefit from pain relief related to pregnancy symptoms, morning sickness, and fatigue. It can also help alleviate stress during pregnancy, induce labor, and even shorten the length of labor.

An acupuncturist who specializes in treating pregnant women will know which areas to avoid during treatment. This usually includes the lower back, certain points on the hands and shoulders, and areas around the lower leg and ankle.

Make sure you have the support of a professional acupuncturist!

5. Relaxation music

Relaxation music is a real spa for the brain. It can reduce depression, positively affect the respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems, and even helps in psychiatric therapies or the fight against insomnia.

As research has shown, the greatest relaxation brings the works of Mozart, Chopin, Mendelson and Schubert.

Relaxation music has a positive effect not only on the mother, but also on the child. Fetus begins to hear about the fifth month of fetal life, so he has also been able to enjoy the health benefits of music therapy since then.

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6. Activities that give you pleasure

Singing, drawing, pottery workshops – it’s worth taking the time for what gives you real pleasure and joy. Besides, when we focus on a particular activity and give ourselves to it completely, our brain rests.

If you do not have a hobby or you can not do it being pregnant (like horse-riding), you should consider calmer methods of spending your free time, such as catching up with books. The literature has excellent silencing qualities. During the reading we focus on the meanings of words, and our mind is concerned with the creation of specific ideas. Psychologists often recommend that future mothers read aloud to their unborn children. This promotes building bonds, but also calms emotions and relaxes.

7. Massage relieves the stress during pregnancy

Massage is an effective way not only to get rid of ailments associated with the course of pregnancy, but also to relax. Well made will relax your muscles, relieve spine and neck pain and improve blood circulation.

What you can do by yourself is massage of legs, hands, breasts and buttocks, for example in the shower or in the bath. You can use a washing sponge or a special massager with protrusions for this purpose.

Natural oils also work well. Olive oil reduces swelling, linseed oil has anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties, almond oil is great for stretch marks and cellulite and avocado oil relaxes and firms the skin. When it comes to back massage, it is worth using a specialist who has experience in working with pregnant women. A visit to the massage room is good to consult with the attending physician – in a properly conducted pregnancy there are no major contraindications to this type of treatment. However, it is always necessary to ascertain your health condition.

8. Preparation for delivery

The thought of giving birth to many pregnant women causes stress. It is worth getting well prepared for it – use the birth school classes, doula support, and regularly perform crotch stretching exercises.

Proper preparation for the birth does not bring immediate relaxation, but it strengthens the feeling of safety, efficiency and certainly increases peace of mind and self-confidence.