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Somebody got a stinky booty – toddler constipation remedies

Let’s talk about poop. If you have a child it’s a quite popular subject. This time I will share with you some toddler constipation remedies which worked for us.

Why is the poopy hard?

It’s a common toilet-training roadblock: children have no trouble peeing in the potty, but when it comes to poop, well, that’s a different story. Some kids are so averse to pooping on the potty that they hold bowel movements, which can cause chronic and sometimes severe constipation.

When the defecation takes place less than twice a week, is accompanied with a pain, hard, parched stool consistency, we can call it constipation. It is by far the top cause of belly pain, bedwetting and poop accidents–conditions that are epidemic among children in Westernized countries.

Effective toddler constipation remedies

1. The right diet

The problem of constipations can often be solved with a diet. The nutrition of the child is often the primary cause of constipation. The children’s diet often lacks vegetables and fruits, because they simply refuse to eat them. Fiber deficiency favors the intestinal function and, as a result, leads to constipation.

Infants, in addition to the previously suggested change in formula-modified milk, can be given several teaspoons of apple or plum juice twice a day. In addition, the amount of fluid consumed by the child should be increased and an age-appropriate probiotic should be used.

With older children, enrich their diet with products containing greater amount of fiber. Those can be fresh vegetables, legume seeds, fruits eaten together with the peel, oatmeal, dried fruits, cereal, whole wheat pasta. Meals should be colorful, especially if the child has so far been reluctant to use vegetables or fruits.

Before and between meals, try to give the child a lot of fluids: water, compote from dried plums, herbal teas (dill, camomile). It is not enough to deliver more fiber to the body, you still need to create conditions to swell in the intestines and facilitate the movement of fecal masses and defecation. That is why water is necessary. The diet should exclude products that promote constipation. Such are sweets, chocolate and cocoa, black tea, excess meat and flour dishes, white rice, bananas and boiled carrots.

2. Probiotics

Probiotics help replenish the body’s “good bacteria” and promote digestion. Fermented and aged foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, kefir, they all contain different types of probiotics. Your kids likely get most of their probiotic intake from yogurt. You can also try supplements, but for children, it’s generally better to get probiotics through foods. I used Probonix Advanced Formula with my kid and together with daily yogurt it worked well.

3. Get moving

Lack of exercise can also contribute to the development of constipation in children. Let your child walk as much as it’s possible. A daily walk will improve the passage of feces. Minimize the time in front of the TV or computer without moving. Involve the child in household chores, take him for shopping or let him to walk the dog. It’s important especially to older children who spend a lot of time sitting in a school bench.

4. Use petroleum jelly

If your child is constipated, apply a bit of Vaseline or petroleum jelly around the anus. Not only will lubrication make for a smoother passage, the extra stimulation may provoke a bowel movement. And if the constipation has led to fissures (cracks in the skin in and around the anus) dab some diaper cream on them to help the healing process.

Constipation is a complex problem. Ideally, if we combine different methods into a therapeutic whole. Then the effect will be not only fast, but also lasting and will bring a lot of relief to both children and parents. Remember that a complete cure of even chronic constipation is possible and depends mainly on the determination and cooperation of the whole family.

If all these toddler constipation remedies don’t work, it might be time to visit the pediatrician, a stool softener or laxative may be the answer.

If you have a any questions or know any other remedies that worked for you, please share below!


  • Amber

    LOL. Your title cracks me up so I just had to read.
    When my kids were little we would give them apple juice or applesauce and have them move more. It was very helpful for them! My kids are teenagers now, but I have a step grandson who is turning a year soon that the other tips will be super useful for now. I’ll keep those in mind for when he (or any of my future grandkids) have issues!
    Thank you!

  • Karlie Stewart

    Love the title and is still an epidemic, especially in our western society. Love the ideas and wished I would have known more when my son was a toddler 15 years ago. But I have also learned that rubbing the tummy clockwise with oil (I use a quality essential oil but I’m sure the basic motion would help too). Thanks for writing!